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Innofitt Family Get Together 2020


Innofitt Family Get Together 2020

Innofitt’s Vendor Meet 2020


Innofitt’s Vendor Meet 2020

Christmas celebration

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Christmas celebrations @ Innofitt

Our newest DeskPort Compact is just big enough, and sometimes that’s all you need!

It’s a known fact that the immediate work environment tends to affect personal productivity, so the messier and more chaotic it is, the more distracting it gets. Therefore, minimalism is the perfect solution, with options like Innofitt’s new DeskPort Compact.

Compact, convenient and great for space-saving, this elegant option has a footprint of only 100 mm dia, giving you the chance to decrease clutter, while increasing productivity. This makes it extremely ideal for individual workstations as well as meeting rooms. And the best part? You can have your pick from several configurations to suit your personal requirements.

Introducing our new Height Adjustable Table!

The average office worker spends up to 9 hours of each workday sitting, a level of inactivity linked to a host of serious problems including muscular and back issues, poor blood circulation, brittle bones, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

The remedy is simple, alternate between sitting & standing!

Our newest Height Adjustable Tables are here to support you every step of the way. Incredibly simple to use sporting a control panel with LED Display and 4 memory presets allowing you to move to desired height at the touch of a button.

These tables are made from high quality rugged steel and have upto 150 kgs lifting capacity.

Our new range of Height Adjustable Tables will help you achieve a new height in workplace health, comfort and productivity by allowing people to alternate between sitting and standing postures throughout the day.

Taking a stand for the best with our newest product: Laptop Stand!

The best gift that you can ever give yourself is a completely ergonomic office accessory that’s convenient to install, easy to use and looks premium, while being cost-effective at the same time. That’s why; our newest Laptop Stand is absolutely perfect for you.

Robust, long-lasting and extremely versatile, the stand can be mounted on your desk, via a flange or a clamp mount, and helps ease the strain on your eyes and arms by raising your laptop to a comfortable height.

Its tilt, swivel and height-adjustable features are extremely ergonomic, while also helping save desk space, while the ability to adjust the angle and distance of the laptop as per individual comfort makes it an absolute lifesaver.


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