Deskport and Pop Up Box

Innofitt holds the largest range of Desk Ports in India to suit all types of corporate needs. From individual work stations to meeting rooms or conference rooms, our wide range of Desk Port can serve all types of requirements.

With Desk Port that pop up, revolve and rotate at the touch of a finger, our Desk Port is an elegant addition to every office.Pop up boxes are placed in a cutout in the top of your table. This pop up box gives you easy access to your electrical sockets, USB chargers or HDMI ports. Pop up box also helps in keeping your desk wire-free and clutter-free. The various pop up mechanisms of Innofitt’s pop up box like the revolve, motorized and even hydraulic mechanisms will elevate your workspace giving it a modern, sophisticated look. When closed the pop up box will be flush with the table and won’t obstruct or take away space from your desk. This is why Innofitt recommends pop up boxes for all types of workstations, meeting rooms and conference rooms.


Case Studies

PDX Console

  • An elegant addition to any work desk
  • Mounted on table top

PDX Surface

  •  Ideal for individual workstations, meeting rooms and conference rooms



  • Mounted on the cable tray below the table


  • Soft Open Hydraulic Mechanism


  • Turn 180° to open & close the panel
  • International Design
  • Available in 2 variants

Access Flap

  • Enables easy access to electricals under the table
  • Soft close feature(Optional)
  • Other sizes customizable for bulk orders


  • Easy access to electricals from all three sides.
  • Soft close feature(Optional)


  • Add a touch of class to your office
  • Pre-wired
  • Touch to open/close

Bachmann Solutions

  • From Bachmann, a trusted German brand
  • Exclusive channel partners for India – Innofitt Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Leading developers, producers and innovators of Electrical Components
  • The ideal solution when you need compactness and high quality
  • Configurations as per customers requirement
  • Available against specific project requirements

FTB 154 Manual

  • Easy Open and Shut system
  • Compatible with Roma/Crabtree switches
  • Accessories : USB Charger, Data Port , HDMI, VGA, 3.5 Audio
  • Available in 6, 8, 10 and 12 modules
  • Available in Brush or Gasket