Folding Table for Training Room, Cafeteria & Educational Institute

  • These Folding Tables Ideal for :
    • Training Rooms
    • Cafeterias
    • Educational Institutions
  • Stackable
  •  With lockable castors (all four)

Stack it! Roll it! Fold it!

Innofitt’s folding table has been designed with flexibility in mind. These folding tables are designed to be stackable to save space when they are not being used. Our Folding Table also has four castors that make mobility a non-issue. All four of these castors are also lockable so that they are stable when they are in use. Robust German Mechanisms also make this Folding Table sturdy and durable. Our Folding table is also made to fit various tabletop sizes so that we can meet our client’s individual requirements. Our Folding table is for use in Cafeterias, Training Rooms and Educational Institutes as they are flexible, mobile and space-saving.