When every aspect of your office has been designed for complete freedom of movement and ease of use, why should the power socket be any different? Especially one that comes with an in-built USB charger!

That’s why; the new Desktop Console is the perfect solution for all types of tables, especially workstations, meeting rooms and height-adjustable tables.

It’s convenient, sophisticated and can be mounted on the edge of the table with a screw-on or a clamp mounting system, making it extremely easy to install and use.

At the same time, the smooth and streamlined design and the premium finish ensures that it gives your office an elegant look.

So give us a call today, or shoot us an email, and one of our salespeople will get in touch with you instantly!

Configuration: Switch, 2 Power, 2 USB Charger, 2 Data Cat 6. (Optional: Telephone Socket)