EasyFit Metal Drawer Units are available in two sizes. The bigger drawer unit is the perfect storage solution for Laptops, whereas the smaller drawer unit is the perfect storage solution for paperless offices. With this trend of Paperless offices on the rise, our Drawer units are precisely what you need to replace the older 3 drawer pedestal which also makes the EasyFit Metal Drawer units cost-effective. These drawer units are very easy to install and will be ready to use within minutes. EasyFit Metal Drawer Units also come with a lock so that your employees have maximum security. What’s more, the facia of these drawer units can also be replaced with a wooden Facia to match your office style if required.

  • Cost effective alternative to the 3 drawer pedestal
  • Ready to Install
  • Slides & brackets included
  • Can use wooden fascia instead of metal fascia

EasyFit Drawer Big  Product Code: IS ED 4130 F

EasyFit Drawer Small  Product Code: IS ED 3025 F