Sitting at the very same place, legs hanging, day after day, month after month, for long hours… and that moment when you are sitting on your chair and suddenly find a footrest to place your feet on! Ever realized how all of a sudden you begin to feel relaxed?
A footrest may not be an office fitting that you would normally see everyday, however it has significant benefits attached to it. It eases the pressure off your feet and lower back, thus relaxing the body. Here are a few reasons why a footrest is a must!

  1. When constantly seated in one place, there is stiffness, backache and pain in the legs and feet. A footrest goes a long way in reducing such problems. The apt position when seated is when your hips are slightly higher than your knees. A footrest comes in handy when you need stable support for your feet.
  2. When you have place to rest your feet, your body automatically feels more relaxed and at ease.
  3. No activity for too long can lead to poor blood circulation that results in fatigue and weaker muscles. Keeping your feet on a footrest greatly reduces your chances of developing complicated circulatory conditions.
  4. Long hours of work hamper body posture! We do not realize when we slouch while working. This puts unnecessary strain on the spine and can lead to chronic back pain. A footrest makes sure you sit straight, and that your back is relaxed.
  5. It is now widely accepted that the optimum seating position is to sit slightly reclined, preferably with a synchronized mechanism on your chair, which allows you to move more freely while working at a desk. The use of a footrest significantly increases the point of contact with back support. Sitting slightly reclined eases muscle activity around the spine, and reduces lumber disc pressures.

With the number of hours at the workstation increasing by the day, we often tend to overlook the plethora of health risks associated with continuously sitting in one position. A step towards increasing the comfort and reducing these health risks is a footrest. We normally tend to think of our feet last, it is time we started thinking of them first!

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