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The fittings and accessories are designed to optimize your office and make it a more productive workplace. Our categories include – Monitor Arm Solutions, DeskPort Solutions, Keyboard Solutions, CPU Solutions, Drawer Solutions, Table Stands and Other Office Solutions.

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Stretch your limits for your career, not for your electrical requirements!

When every aspect of your office has been designed for complete freedom of movement

Innofitt has successfully participated in IndiaWood, 2018!

We are very excited about the overwhelming response that we received at IndiaWood 2018,

We’ve been chosen as the brand of the year, and we’re loving it!

It takes a lot of sweat and tears to create a brand, enhance it and

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Innofitt is a pioneer in designing, manufacturing and marketing intelligent workplace accessories that enhance productivity and ensure comfortable working conditions, since 1981.

Its range of products includes Monitor Solutions, DeskPorts, KBD Solutions, CPU Solutions, Drawer Solutions, Table Stands and other Office Solutions. These products optimize space utilization while giving your office a stylish and modern look.

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